There is a wonderfully vast array of birds who flutter and fly throughout our skies. Beautifully majestic these creatures are a species of much benefit to our planet. Consuming a multitude of bugs and carrion they help protect our plants and ourselves from disease. This is the trivia and truth of the feathered friends we watch nest, flock, sing, squawk, and fly.

The Inquisitive Black Crow:
He is no bird brain. The intelligent crow is always watching and learning. Adapting to urban life hasn't been easy but he is learning. A bird with strong social and family values this is a creature many people could take a lesson from.

What do You Feed the Wild Ducks: 
Most of us are aware that it isn't bread but many of us still do. The wild birds can be difficult to resist and fortunately there are many healthier foods that we can hand out to them. It's important to get this one right.