Critter Tips

What do you do when what you hoped would happen with that critter goes exactly the opposite direction? It happens. Our animal friends have their own ideals on what they expect from the earth they live on and it doesn't always align with our own. Sometimes these conflicts are amusing but sometimes they can also be deadly, not only to us but also to the animal involved. Understanding, awareness, tolerance, and respect, my theory is that those 4 little words could resolve most conflict issues between animal and human.

Animals in the Garden:
It happens. Deer, gopher, rabbits, crows, and cats, some are there to eat your gardens bounty while others are there to enjoy it as a giant litter box. It really isn't their fault that they are crossing a line we have drawn, they are just programmed that way. Animals don't see boundaries quite the same way that we do so it is often up to us to use our superior wisdom to outwit and outsmart them in the games they play.

Camping: Tent or Rv? 
I'm not sure how you enjoy getting away from it all and heading out for a camping trip but the choices can range from comfortable to down and out right torturous. When it comes to our night time lodgings in the wild we really only have a few limited choices, these being a cabin, RV, or tent. And when it comes to avoiding predators out in the great outdoors I am the type of person who firmly believes that a tent is not the place to be.