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How What and Why Do We Compost

Spring, summer, winter or fall, composting does not take a lot of time, energy, or space yet it makes an amazing difference to the environment. The average household in the United States creates around 200 pounds of vegetable waste per year. This waste can be transformed into nutrient rich soil if it is composted but when tossed into the trash it instead combines with other waste to become a hazardous toxic mix. 

It is estimated that about twenty-three percent of all landfill waste in the USA is made up of yard and household vegetable waste. The majority of that landfill trash doesn't have to be there. Much of your yard and household trash can be recycled, up-cycled, or composted. If you are not already reducing your carbon footprint then it is definitely time to get onboard. Composting is actually quite easy. Anyone can participate even those who live in an apartment. It really does not take a lot of time or space to turn your vegetable waste from the kitchen or yard back into nut…