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How to Kill Weeds Naturally Without Chemicals

Weeds have a remarkable tendency to grow where ever you do not want them to. They sow themselves and generally thrive in gardens, flowerbeds, lawns or where ever else it is where they are the least wanted.

The seeds blow in each year on the wind or are carried in by birds, squirrels, or other wandering wildlife. Sometimes we bring them onto our property within the small cracks and wedges in the soles of the shoes that we wear or in the tires of our vehicle. 

Generally if a plant is something you don't want there then it is officially designated a weed and this unwanted greenery can put you on a never ending mission to remove them from your little section of paradise. Unwanted plants are generally quite resilient.

Weeds in the lawn or flower bed can look unattractive and weeds in the garden can crowd out your vegetables. The acceptable means of weed removal used to be chemicals but we are now beginning to see exactly how unhealthy that can be. Not only do toxic weed removal methods ex…