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Camping: Tent or RV

I love the outdoors and I love to head out on a camping trip every now and then but when it comes to camping in a tent well that is where I have to draw the line. 

I am a little older and a little less nimble than I was in my younger days so I have also gotten quite a bit more picky when it comes to my creature comforts. Trust me when I say that I have definitely done my fair share of tenting but now I much prefer to head out into the wilderness in a van or RV rather than in that flimsy little bit of material that they refer to as a tent. When it comes to a choice of RV camping or spending a few nights in an outback area in a tent well there is just no question as to which one I prefer. I love camping but I do not enjoy tenting.

There is just no decision to be made. I'll go camping if we get to take the van or an RV but a tent is out of the question. Tents are just not as secure to camp in as an RV. A vehicle provides a level of safety that is just not available in the thin canvas s…