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Why are Mosquitos Attracted to Me?

If it seems that mosquitoes seek you out more often than they do other individuals, well you may not be imagining things, they really may find you to be a more attractive target than the fellow standing next to you.

When searching for their next meal mosquitoes are definitely more attracted to some people than they are to others. Specific individuals are sought out and dined on much more frequently than their counterparts but do you know why these individuals are more attractive to mosquitoes?

Believe it or not a mosquito may like you more than someone else simply because the mosquito is actually able to locate you easier than they can other people. You just may be a little easier for the mosquito to spot.

It is a fact that mosquitoes manage to locate some individuals much quicker than they can others and so these individuals may be much more likely to become the mosquitoes food choice simply for the sake of convenience. (I guess you could call that fast food mosquito style. Oh yummy.)