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Most Dangerous Snakes

When it comes to dangerous animals snakes are one of the most feared creatures on Earth. These slippery, slithery creatures can deliver one of the most painful bites that you will ever receive. Add to this pain the fact the many snakes are going to inject you with a poisonous venom within their bite and you can see why snakes are one of the most dangerous animals out there.

A snakes venom ranges in toxicity, and if you happen to be the unlucky fellow who interrupts one of these snakes when he really isn't expecting company, well you just might soon discover exactly how lethal a snakes bite can be. 

So let's take a look at which snake species are the most dangerous snakes in the world.

How snakes are classified is the reason for the large degree of
discrepancy in exactly which snakes top the list. Some believe that it is the toxicity of a snakes venom which merits it a place on the list. Whereas others believe that it is the amount of venom that a snake is able to produce which m…

Most Dangerous Animals

Finding yourself face to face with one of these terrifying creatures could send you scrambling head over heels to get as far away from it as fast as you can. They are the world’s most dangerous animals and they are enough to frighten even the bravest of souls.

These beasts have scratched, clawed, bit and chewed their way into the history books as the most treacherous animals in the world. But which animals actually make up this revered list just may surprise you.

This first beast tops the most dangerous animal list because it is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other. This horrific monster kills an astounding two million people each year.

Because of it’s ability to transfer disease and parasites, particularly those related to malaria, the mosquito tops the most dangerous animal list. This small creature infects approximately 350 to 500 million people with malaria each and every year.

As though this were not enough to make a person run screaming from the mere sight of a mosqu…

Most Dangerous Lizards

Lizards look much like small prehistoric creatures and although they can appear quite frightening in reality most lizards are completely harmless.

Generally a lizard would rather avoid humans as much as possible and like to do nothing more than to carry on quietly with their day to day routine. There are however a few lizards which can be extremely dangerous if you happen upon them on a bad day.

Considering the fact that there are almost 3,800 types of lizards in the world it is quite surprising that only a very few are dangerous enough to pose a risk to humans. However, the ones that are dangerous should definitely be avoided.

Lizards look intimidating for a good reason. Their looks are meant to warn those who may consider attacking them. There is a definite justification in this warning. Their bite can be lethal and they are not afraid to make use of the defenses that nature has equipped them with. These lizards can indeed be extremely dangerous.

Possibly the most dangerous lizard in th…

Edible Insects as a Protein Food Source

Edible insects as a protein food source? Not our typical lunch time fare but possibly one day in the future. In our culture edible insects and bugs are considered a rather gross food to be munching on but there are a large number of bugs and insects that are perfectly fine to eat as food.

Many insects and worms are an excellent source of protein and could potentially one day be a viable solution to help solve world hunger. In some cultures these tiny bug sources of protein are already being enjoyed and are routinely eaten as a staple food product.

Edible insects are an inexpensive and abundant food source. Just check out this taste tempting selection of flying creeping crawling bugs and insects and you just may find a few that excite you enough to want to have them wriggle on down past your palate.

There are many cultures who view these edible creatures as a delicacy and a food staple. Insects and worms are generally rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, and actually quite tasty…

Is a Spider an Insect or Bug

I know that seeing a spider scamper across the rug really bugs me but is a spider properly classed as a bug or as an insect? Anything that tiny sure looks like it must be one or the other so exactly what the heck is that thing?

Now these small creatures may figure that my home is their home but I am of the understanding that insects, bugs, and other creepy crawly stuff belong outdoors. Some people may find them fascinating but I hate spiders and especially when they are busy creeping around my house. Which brings me back to my original question: Is that thing in my house an insect or a bug?

A spider is Distinctly in a Class of its Own: She's an arachnid and these creatures are defined as having a body with only two parts. This is much different from the category of insects which is consisting of creatures who have 3 distinct body parts.

Another major difference between these two animal classifications is that spiders have 8 legs and an insect has only 6. Spiders also do not have ant…

Bug or Insect Bite

Bug bites and stings are annoying, they hurt, and some can be quite hazardous to your health. It is wise to be aware and prepared. 

There are a lot of insects that bite or sting. Bees, wasps, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, mites, and a thousand other little bugs are out there waiting for you to accidentally wander their way.

There are a wide variety of insects out there and the odds are that you are going to encounter more than a few during the warm summer months. Fortunately there are things that you can do when you suddenly find yourself painfully encountering a bee, wasp, mosquito, or some other type of insect who decides to take a bite out of you.

Bees are important pollinators but it can hurt when they sting. About 10 percent of the population suffer a serious reaction to these bites. A bee or wasp sting can create serious very health issues for those who are sensitive or allergic. An allergic reaction is more likely to occur again if you have previously had a bad reaction to a wasp or …

Kricket the Cat

I can’t even recall what her given name was when we acquired her. I just remember that she was about six or seven months old and in danger of losing her little kitty life because her current owner considered her to be untrainable.

Well as luck would have it she turned out to actually be litter trained so a few of my concerns about adopting this tiny terror were laid to rest the first night of her arrival. 

Unfortunately, her previous owner was right in her judgement of this sweet looking little bundle of fluff, she was indeed one little grey fur ball of pure uncontrollable trouble.

She enjoyed the taste of human food and she didn’t care who’s plate she was able to steal it from or whether or not that person was in the process of eating it when she swooped in to snatch it. 

She would skitter across the kitchen table knocking everything in her pathway off as she flew through grabbing food as she went.

As we began to figure out what she was up to we began firmly grabbing onto our cups and pl…

Why are Mosquitos Attracted to Me?

If it seems that mosquitoes seek you out more often than they do other individuals, well you may not be imagining things, they really may find you to be a more attractive target than the fellow standing next to you.

When searching for their next meal mosquitoes are definitely more attracted to some people than they are to others. Specific individuals are sought out and dined on much more frequently than their counterparts but do you know why these individuals are more attractive to mosquitoes?

Believe it or not a mosquito may like you more than someone else simply because the mosquito is actually able to locate you easier than they can other people. You just may be a little easier for the mosquito to spot.

It is a fact that mosquitoes manage to locate some individuals much quicker than they can others and so these individuals may be much more likely to become the mosquitoes food choice simply for the sake of convenience. (I guess you could call that fast food mosquito style. Oh yummy.)