Most of us understand that we are indeed closely related to the earth and the other creatures on it. What affects one can definitely affect the rest of us. Pollution, climate change, over population, under population, and destruction of natural spaces have a huge impact on those who reside in affected areas. Although we may not always notice it every small green move we make has a tremendous impact on the overall picture. So do the little things. They really do help.

Environmentally Friendly Green Packaging: I can't stress how very important our shopping choices are when it comes to protecting our wildlife. Plastics are a death sentence for many sea animals but also for land based animals as well. The pollution of the items we toss away is floating into the path of creatures who are trapped and tangling in it or who wind up mistakenly consuming it. We have better choices we can make.

How to Kill Weeds Without Using Chemicals: The toxins we have traditionally used to kill weeds in our yard and garden have long reaching consequences. Both our health and the health of animals and insects are affected. Why should you worry about a few insects being eliminated? Logically because our food crops rely on pollinators to keep them healthy and reproducing.

Plants that Clean Pollutants from Indoor Air: That houseplant you have sitting in your home may be doing more than just adding to your indoor decor. A recent study by NASA found that plants act as a purifier for the air around them. They also discovered that specific plants do a better job of this than others and that some even draw out more of certain toxins than others do.

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