Camping: RV or Tent?

I love the outdoors and I love to head out on a camping trip every now and then but when it comes to going out camping in a tent well that is where I have to draw the line.

I am a little older and a little less nimble than I was in my younger days so I have also got quite a bit more picky when it comes to my creature comforts.

Trust me when I say that I have definitely done my fair share of tenting but now I much prefer to head out into the wilderness in a van or RV rather than in that flimsy little bit of material that they refer to as a tent. When it comes to a choice of RV camping or spending a few nights in an outback area in a tent well there is just no question as to which one I prefer. I love camping but I sure do not enjoy tenting.

There is just no decision to be made. I'll go camping if we get to take the van or an RV but a tent is out of the question. 

Tents are just not as secure to camp in as an RV.
A vehicle provides a level of safety that is just not available in the thin canvas shelter that folks refer to as a tent. If trouble arises in an RV then one has only to hop into the driver's seat and move the vehicle away from that camping area into a much safer neighborhood. I know this because I have done it.

I also have memories of tent camping trips that were not so pleasant for other reasons which is exactly the very reason why I would now have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a camping trip that involves sleeping in a tent. I will go RV-ing instead thank you very much.

Safety Issues When Camping? When it comes down to worrying about an attack from a wild animal, some desperate and unscrupulous human, or an insanely jealous x-husband or wife, well RV's win hands down every time.
Then you also have to consider the local wildlife in the area too.

Ask any neighborhood bear whether he wants to waste his time breaking into an RV or if he would rather chow down on the contents of a tent instead. 

I can guarantee that the bear is going to choose the tent ninety-nine times out of a hundred. No question on that one. For me and my personal safety needs I will camp in an Vehicle rather than a tent.

There are a lot of creatures out there who may not know that you are sleeping where they want to walk...and others that are just having a really bad day when they happen to run into you.

There are also an array of little critters looking for a warm place to nestle in for the night. Then we have the mosquito issue. It is virtually guaranteed that one or two of those little pests is going to get in the tent with you. Thank you but I'll stick with the RV. 

A tent can leave you vulnerable to wandering wildlife and the only wild life that I want to have to deal with when I am out camping is the annoying squirrel who insists on raining acorns down on the roof of my vehicle. Now that kind of an attack I can live through. An  angry bear attack I may not.

Weather Issues? It's another factor that one truly has to concern themselves with when considering a choice in camping
accommodations. Mother Nature's temperament during your time in the wilds can be something just shy of menopausal. She does have a tendency to get a little crazy sometimes. 

In an RV the only problem that you might encounter with a summer storm would occur if a tornado swooped down and scooped you away. Thankfully that degree of summer storm does not occur too often or at least not where I go camping.

Storms can usually be weathered out quite easily in the old RV with

the only inconvenience to a body being that one might have to remain indoors for the evening, and miss out on hiking, fishing or swimming in all that great outdoors. Nothing too tragic happening in an RV camping trip that is interrupted by a little bad weather except perhaps that one would be slightly inconvenienced.

Not so for the poor folks camping out in that thin canvas shelter known as a tent, things would definitely be a little more uncomfortable if a sudden storm blew in, probably even a lot more uncomfortable.

I am thinking of times when the clouds roll in, the rain begins to pour, and the lightening strikes out at anything near a tree. Generally when a person goes camping they set up their camp site safetly nestled in a nicely forested area. Surprise! A wooded area is loaded with trees and lightening loves to strike out at the tallest structures it can find. In the forest that would be a tree.

Keep in mind also that tents and wind do not get along. Envision a great big windstorm when you and your cuddly little other are just crawling into your snuggly little tent for the evening. Rain is falling, the wind is blowing, and it is not too relaxing an evening at all.

You try weathering the storm out until you realize that your tent is being blown to pieces around you. Then there you are desperately trying to anchor your tent to a tree while your lady is running nilly willy about the campsite trying to gather up your now free flying pieces of clothing. I'm not sure why, but wind is usually also accompanied by rain. Perhaps just to add a little extra misery to the whole situation.

However the funnest part of a wind storm usually occurs after it is over and you have to try to figure out how to get your tent down from its perch way up in that neighboring pine tree.

Most tents are very similar to a large kite when a sudden strong wind manages to catch them. It is amazing how high one can fly in a good strong wind gust. Some folks just leave them up there and they just sort of turn into "Tourist Attractions" for the next day's campers.

*Keep your food locked in airtight containers to prevent enticing in hungry critters.

So which do you think is better: Rv or tent camping? Camping is fun and if you are a die hard outdoor enthusiast who can't wait to pack up the old tent and head into the backwoods then my blessings

to you on your trip. I hope you enjoy the adventure of getting back to nature.

As for me I'll be sitting all snuggly, warm, and safe in my old van during my camping trips. During the next camping wind storm I'll probably be sipping a fresh brewed cup of coffee and intently watching out the window as you dash about grabbing your undergarments as they fly through the air.

Yep, just nothing nicer than spending a few days getting back to the basics of nature in a comfortable, safe and secure vehicle. Don't you agree?


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